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Proofreading is the most basic service offered, involving the revision of your text, checking for typos, punctuation, capitalisation and basic grammatical errors. Major changes to the text are not suggested; rather, minor text and formatting errors are amended to confirm the material is ready for publication.


Beyond but inclusive of proofreading, copyediting involves changing sentence structure and vocabulary so that your work flows smoothly and reads as if written by a highly competent native English speaker.

Substantive editing:


Also called content editing or developmental editing, this is a more intensive intervention, encompassing both proofreading and copyediting, and including the management and rearrangement of the text's content and structure.



I have eight years' experience translating from Spanish to English. Competitive rate for short texts; price negotiable for larger works. Special interest in the literary translation of Spanish fiction.

To know more, or to discuss working together, let's talk:

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